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ACM Digital Library | IEEE Xplore | Google Scholar | CiteSeer
ACM DL Proceedings | DBLP |
Journal: TOIS | SIGWEB | TKDE | TKDD | Information Systems | IP&M | Information Retrieval
In Computer Science: Journal Ranking | Conference Ranking 1 | Conference Ranking 2 | Conference Ranking 3

Development-related Resources

The Lemur Toolkit - Language Modeling and Information Retrieval
Lucene - Open-source search software
Lucene.Net - is a source code, class-per-class, API-per-API and algorithmatic port of the Lucene Java search engine to the C# and .NET platform utilizing Microsoft .NET Framework.


Daviddlevis Test Collections - Reuters-21578 | RCV1 | TREC-AP
Reuters Corpora - TREC
UCI KDD Archive: Data Sets
Text retrieval collections - U. of Glasgov


Templates and Sample Files
Getting Started with LaTeX
Online tutorials on LaTeX
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Financial Administration

Hang Seng Bank
Bank of East Asia
Bank of China HK
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Yahoo! Finance

Information Retrieval, Web Mining, Data Mining, Machine Learing
IR Research Group / Associations Datasets & Resources
Microsoft IR | Microsoft NLP | Microsoft TMSN
Google Labs | Yahoo Labs | Yahoo Research |
Distributed Information Retrieval Group - CMU
Digital Library Project - Berkeley (Image Search)
WebBase Project | InfoLab - Stanford
Publications | Turing Center - UW
CIIR UMass - University of Massachisetts
IR group - Glasgow University
Intelligent Web Search and Mining (closed)
Web IR and IE

UCI KDD Archive | UCI Machine Learning Repository | SIG-IRLIST

Social network related
Social Computing Lab | Bernardo Huberman - HP
Christos Faloutsos | Jure Leskovec - CMU
KDD07_Kleinberg_talk |

Personal webpage The leaders of the WebIR community
Jamie Callan (CMU - Distributed Information Retrieval)
Jiawei Han (UIUC - Data Mining)
Jon Kleinberg (Cornell - Social and Information Networks)
Michael I. Jordan (Berkeley - Machine Learning)
Geoffrey E. Hinton (Toronto - Machine Learning)
Philip S. Yu (IBM)
Olfa Nasraoui (Louisville - KDD & Web Mining lab)
Bamshad Mobasher
Stuart Schechter
Philip Chan
Osmar R. Za?ane
OOI Beng Chin
Heikki Mannila
Jaideep Srivastava
Rakesh Agrawal
A.G. B¨¹chner
Bing Liu
Cyrus Shahabi
Rakesh Agrawal
Marti Hearst
Jos¨¦ Lu¨ªs Borges
Henry Lieberman
Mike Perkowitz
Michael J. Pazzani
Ming-Syan Chen
Mark Levene
Jimmy Lin (UMD - Question answering)
List of data mining people
Monika Henzinger - Google & EPFL Lausanne
Krishna Bharat - Google
Sergey Brin - Google
Larry Page - Google
Steve Lawrence - Google
Andrew Tomkins - Yahoo!
Andrei Broder - Yahoo!
Ravi Kumar - Yahoo!
Prabhakar Raghavan - Yahoo!
David Pennock - Yahoo!
Chris Burges - Microsoft, TMSN
Gary Flake - Microsoft, MSN
Marc Najork - Microsoft
Sridhar Rajagopalan - IBM Research
Ronny Lempel - IBM Research
Jon Kleinberg - Cornell University
Hector Garcia-Molina - Stanford University
Oren Etzioni - University of Washington
Andrew W. Moore | Tutorials - CMU
Soumen Chakrabarti - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
James Pitkow - Moreover Technologies
Peter Pirolli - PARC
Berthier Ribeiro-Neto - Federal University of Minas Gerais
Lada Adamic - HP Labs

Information Retrieval Course Journal | Conference

Information Retrieval (CMU, Graduate)
Information Retrieval and Web Mining (Stanford)
Introduction to Information Retrieval 2007
Information Retrieval and Web Search (UT-Austin, Undergraduate)
Information Retrieval and Distributed Databases (Stanford)
Information Retrieval and Web Search (UNT)

Information Retrieval - Kluwer
Transactions on Internet Technology - (TOIT) ACM
Transactions on Information Systems - (TOIS) ACM
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering - IEEE

Tools Link analysis (Datasets and Codes)

Search Tools for Web Sites
Lemur Toolkit (Language Modeling and Information Retrieval)
Tools & Resources (Many good things)

Machine Learning
Statistical Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Toolbox |
SVM and Kernel Methods Matlab Toolbox |
A Matlab Toolbox for Pattern Recognition PRTools |
NETLAB Neural network software |

Matlab PageRank Code and Papers by Langvillea | Kamvar(Stanford) | Massey | Haveliwala | Pagerank Explained

PageRank Datasets
1. Kamvar's Stanford webpage : look under the "Data" and "Teaching" sections at the bottom of the page.
2. Jon Kleinberg's The Structure of Information Networks Course webpage : look under the "Network Datasets" section at the bottom of the page.
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Information Retrieval
Question Answering | Information Extraction |

Natural Language Processing
Statistical Semantics | Latent Semantic Analysis | Semantic Similarity |

Web Usage Mining
Relevance Feedback | Recommender System | Collaborative Filtering |

Network Analysis (INSNA)
Social Network | Small-World Network | Scale-Free Network

Link Analysis Algorithms/Ranking Algorithms
PageRank | HITS | SALSA | HillTop | TrustPage | SimRank |

Computer Vision | Content-based Image Retrieval | Computer Vision (Berkeley) |

Mathworld | Matlab Central |

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