Media Coverage

A digest of Illinois Computer Science faculty, alumni, and students who are featured in the media. 

Professor C. David Page

Illinois CS Alum Named Chair of Duke Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Department

March 11, 2019  

The (Duke) Chronicle -- Illinois CS graduate C. David Page (PhD '93), who is now a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will take over in June as chair of Duke University's Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics.

Assistant Professor Sibin Mohan

Wired In: Sibin Mohan

March 10, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- Illinois CS Assistant Professor Sibin Mohan is the subject of the News-Gazette's regular feature. He talks about teaching computer science to middle school students, using a curriculum developed in part by Professor Lenny Pitt.


U of I Students Unveil Dog-Human 'Translator' at Engineering Open House

March 9, 2019  

News-Gazette -- Dug the Dog has nothing on Alma. Inspired by the character from the movie "Up," a team of University of Illinois engineering students created their own talking dog for this year's Engineering Open House. The group include Illinois CS student Bliss Chapman.

Amit Mathur

Amit Mathur Joins Sinclair as VP of Product Engineering

March 8, 2019  

TVTechnology -- Illinois Computer Science graduate Amit Mathur (BS CS '98) has joined Sinclair Broadcast Group as vice president of product engineering, where he will continue scaling the station group’s digital publishing as well as expanding its suite of digital products and services.


Bliss Chapman

This Experiment Created A Real-Life Dug the Dog From 'Up'

March 6, 2019  

Mashable -- A team from the University of Illinois that includes Illinois CS student Bliss Chapman built an interface that reads the neural responses of Alma, a golden retriever. Those responses are translated into pre-recorded vocal responses. Also in Mahomet Daily.

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Computer Science and College Basketball

March 5, 2019  

Resoundingly Human podcast -- Professor Sheldon Jacobson joins the The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences' podcast to talk about the science behind his NCAA basketball bracket generators.

A New Summer Program Pays Students To Improve Math, Science Skills

February 28, 2019  

Chicago Sun-Times -- “Not everyone is ready for college right out of high school. I think this is a really great way to show that faculty cares not only about students graduating but also giving opportunities to everyone.” -- Illinois CS junior Jocelyn Collado, a junior who transferred to Illinois from a community college. 


C3 Chairman and CEO Tom Siebel

Don't Make These AI Blunders

February 23, 2019  

Forbes -- Entrepreneur Tom Siebel has a knack for anticipating megatrends in technology. His latest venture, C3, is focused on AI. He says it will have huge benefits, but says there are major risk factors in privacy and security. “What we saw with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica was just a dress rehearsal.”

Junior Ajay Jain

What's It Like to Intern in Washington?

February 18, 2019  

The 21st -- WILL's talk show includes a segment on students interning in Congress, among them Ajay Jain, who is majoring in CS + Stats and political science. He is interning for Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi. "Within the first hour and a half ... I all the sudden had to start taking constituent callers, in the middle of the shutdown."


Professor Klara Nahrstedt

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Will Be Charted By Man, Not Machine

February 14, 2019  

BuiltIn -- AI is poised to have a major effect on environmental issues. Sensors could help make cities more liveable. Such sensors on cars could predict potential traffic problems and optimize the flow of cars. “Years down the road, it will play a really big role,” Professor Klara Nahrstedt said.

Subho S. Banerjee

How Machine Learning Is Crafting Precision Medicine

February 11, 2019  

Forbes -- AI-based precision medicine combines medicine, biology, statistics, and computing. The most promising research is characterized by collaboration like that of a team that developed a machine-learning algorithm to predict presciptions for depression patients. The team included Illinois CS student Subho S. Banerjee and his advisor, Professor Ravishankar Iyer.

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen Shares The 4 Realities Facing Every Entrepreneur Today

February 5, 2019  

Fast Company -- Fast Company's new podcast, Zero to IPO, focuses on building a company from idea to IPO. The first guest is Illinois CS graduate Marc Andreessen. Listen or read a short Q & A from the interview.

Fulton Watson Copp Chair in Computer Science David Forsyth

Your Next Game Night Partner? A Computer

February 5, 2019  

WIRED -- The Allen Institute has designed an AI that can play a game much like the drawing game Pictionary. Illinois CS Professor David Forsyth says software able to understand novel combinations of imagery could help computers venture out into the messiness of the real world.


Illinois CS alum Ali Farhadi (PhD '11)

An AI Is Playing Pictionary To Figure Out How The World Works

February 5, 2019  

MIT Technology Review, Science and others -- Researchers at the Allen Institute, led by Illinois CS alum Ali Farhadi (PhD '11), believe Pictionary could push machine intelligence beyond its current limits and have developed a version of the game that pairs a human player with an AI.


Tuition, Fees Just The Start Of Semester's Financial Costs

February 4, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- About two dozen students have crafted a resolution calling for low-cost school materials from the University of Illinois. Vikram Sardana, a computer science and statistics major, is one of 23 sponsors.

Head of Department Nancy Amato

Seven New Researchers Added In Effort To 'Reimagine' U of I

February 4, 2019  

The News-Gazette -- “One of the seven is Nancy Amato, announced last fall as the new head of the highly ranked Department of Computer Science. The award-winning researcher is widely recognized for her work in motion planning in robotics, used in such applications as autonomous driving and manufacturing.”

Teaching Assistant Professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider

Tough Courses Challenge Students To Achieve Potential

February 4, 2019  

Daily Illini -- A low grade may be more likely in a challenging course, but Teaching Assistant Professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider hopes that doesn't discourage students from taking them. “Recruiters and graduate school admissions (officials) who have looked at a lot of transcripts should know the difficult courses.”

CS Professor Sheldon Jacobson

Want To Lose Weight? Give Public Transit A Try

January 30, 2019  

Mobility Lab -- A new study by the University of Illinois and Georgia Tech attaches solid numbers to what seems like common sense. “The results indicate that when more people opt to use public transit ... obesity rate tends to drop,” said Sheldon H. Jacobson, a co-author and professor at Illinois. Also covered by the New York Post.

Assistant Professor Ranjitha Kumar

How Scientists Can Team Up With Big Tech

January 29, 2019  

Nature -- Thousands of academics are looking to the technology industry for research funding and collaboration. “The industry funding does help a lot in the early days,” says Ranjitha Kumar, a computer scientist at the University of Illinois.

Associate Professor Craig Zilles

High School CS Initiative Offers Certification

January 24, 2019  

Daily Illini -- The College of Education and the Department of Computer Science created the Illinois Secondary Teacher Education and Computer Science Initiative to endorse current high school computer science teachers and certify future teachers. “It’s increasingly clear that people that have computing skills have an advantage in the job market,” said CS Associate Professor Craig Zilles.