CS 423 Fall 2007
   Operating Systems Design

   1304 Siebel Center for Computer Science

Lecture Time & Location:

10---10:50am M/W/F,   Room 1304 Siebel Center

Exam Dates and Rooms



Klara Nahrstedt, Instructor Office: 3104 SC
Office Hours: Tue 9am-10am; Thu 9am-10am
Telephone: 244-6624
Email: klara@cs.uiuc.edu 
Sam King, Instructor Office: 4306 SC
Office Hours: M/W 11am - noon
Telephone: 244-0216
Email: kingst@cs.uiuc.edu 
Kenton McHenry, TA Office: 1514 Beckman
Office Hours: W/F 2-3pm
Telephone: 244-1372
Email: mchenry@uiuc.edu
Shuo Tang, Internet TA Reachable via Email
Email: stang6@uiuc.edu



Useful tools (already installed)

Kernel debuggers (for the adventurous)

If you patch your kernel with a debugger (or any other third-party feature), please do not include the debugger in the patches you submit for your MP!


GDB / profiler

GNU Make

Other on-line resources


Unix History

Updated: September 28, 2007