Graduate Student Annual Evaluation Process

All graduate students, including students planning to graduate in Spring or Summer semester of current academic year, MUST complete annual self-evaluations each spring. Time period for self-evaluations will be communicated via an email announcement from the CS Graduate Academic Programs office. The Graduate Self-Evaluation must be completed during the desginated time period. Research Area committees and Advisors will review the progress of PhD and MS students in their area following the student self-evaluation period. Your self-evaluation is reviewed as part of their evaluation process. MCS students will be evaluated by their academic advisor. Once the departmental evaluation process is completed, graduate students will receive notification that evaluation feedback is available for review. Therefore, it is extremely important to complete your self-evaluation by the announced deadline each Spring semester.

To access the self-evaluation form:

  1. Please go to
  2. Log in with your netID and password
  3. In the Grad Tool Box, click on "MS-PHD self-evaluation" for MS and PHD students and "MCS self-evaluation" for the Professional MCS students.

Self-Evaluation Directions

Note: Failure to complete your self-evaluation will result in a "Lack of Progress" warning. Two "Lack of Progress" warnings put you at risk of being removed from the program.

The purpose of completing the self-evaluation is for you to provide full information about the academic progress made since your last evaluation. To see what you have entered for your previous evaluation, click on the arrow in the box in the upper left hand corner. Please SAVE any information that you may have entered in the current evaluation before looking at previous evaluations.

  • CV Link: Please upload your latest CV in this section in PDF format.  MCS students can upload a copy of their resume.
  • Student's Advisors (only for PhD and MS students): If you have not secured a thesis advisor yet, there will not be a thesis advisor listed in this section. You will need to indicate which faculty you have been interacting with and how close you are to securing your thesis advisor in the section for research progress made during your first year. An "evaluation advisor" will be assigned for first-year MS and PhD students who have not yet declared an advisor, to help complete the evaluation process.
    Note: Ph.D. students on the Program of Study coursework plan will have their Program of Study committee members displayed here as well.
  • Ph.D. Milestone Checklist (Only for PhD students): This section is automatically updated by the system and is a quick checklist to inform you which steps you have completed.
    • Checkmark = complete
    • No checkmark = incomplete
    • Program of Study complete means that you have completed all the required courses on your Program of Study form.
  • Research (only for PhD and MS students): This section allows you the opportunity to update the Area committee on your research progress.
    • Rate your own progress toward graduation since the last evaluation - Rate the progress you have made over the past year on your research and explain the self-rating. If you have changed the area of research, indicate the reason for this change. If you are a 1st year student, indicate what you have done so far to investigate different research opportunities and to secure your thesis advisor.
    • (Proposed) Thesis Title is where you indicate either the title of your thesis or the subject of your thesis research.
    • Anticipated graduation term
  • Accomplishments: This section allows you to communicate to the Area committee your achievements this last year.
    Note: This section has been revised, effective Spring 2019. It is not necessary to edit information submitted in prior annual evaluations.  In addition, you must complete all fields in this section in order for your achievement to be added. If you do not complete all fields, the information will not be added and the form will default to blank fields.
    • Publications (MS and PHD students only): These can be  research articles, book chapters, case studies, demonstrations, grad symposia, posters, short papers, technical reports, workshops, or other research output you have written, published, or participated in over the last year. You may also include work currently in progress. Please enter one publication per line indicating the tier, your author position (e.g. primary author), the type of publication, semester, and the full citation. Click "Add Publication" for each publication.
      When selecting the tier for a publication, please note that a top-tier venue is considered to be a competitive, peer-reviewed venue (e.g., an ACM conference, ACM journal, or IEEE journal). Rankings of research venues are also available at for your reference. A top-tier publication would likely be in an A or A* conference according to CORE rankings.
    • Invited Talks: Please enter one talk per line with the title, semester, and venue. Please do not include talks that are associated with a typical conference publication or talks that were delivered internally in the department (e.g., talks in courses, research groups, or prelims).
    • Awards: This section is a free text section to allow you to list all scholarships, fellowships, and other awards or honors received during the current academic year.
  • Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistanships held since the last evaluation: Update the TA or RA section based on your assistantships for this past year. If you have been both a TA and an RA, please complete both sections.
  • Internships: Please list your internship experiences, one per line for the past year.
  • Professional career choices: Please rank up to three choices in order of preference for the professional careers you might want to pursue upon graduation.
  • General Summary of Progress since last evaluation: This is a text field for you to add any additional comments you would like the Area committees to know.
  • Be sure to click "Save Evaluation" before exiting the form.  You may use the "Save Evaluation" button to return to the self-evaluation form to complete it over multiple sessions.  When the form is ready for submission, please click "Complete & Submit Evaluation". Clicking "Complete & Submit Evaluation" will close your self-evalaution form and submit it for advisor review.

Remember that Spring self-evaluations must be completed by the deadline announced via email.

If you have any questions about the Self-Evaluation process, please contact Viveka P. Kudaligama at